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Grand Rapids Geothermal Repair

Preserving Your Home Comfort in Grand Rapids

Geothermal units are relatively new in the HVAC industry. Even the most veteran contractors are still learning how to efficiently work on these units. The good news is Haisma Heating & Cooling Inc. has the training, tools, and experience to help with geothermal repair in Grand Rapids.

Normally, your geothermal heat pump will run smoothly, silently, and efficiently—just the way you like it. The comfort speaks for itself, right? But every now and then it may pop out a loud sound and then start breaking down—leaving you amazed and just a little frustrated.

Don’t let a breakdown bring you down. Just call our team of experienced technicians at (616) 319-2121.

Finding a Qualified Professional Is the First Step

When your home comfort is at risk, patience is normally the last thing on your mind. But unlike conventional heating and cooling equipment, geothermal units are new to the industry and they still retain the complicated nature of normal HVAC equipment.

The last thing you want is an inexperienced technician working on the unit and making the problem worse. The good news is that you have stumbled across a proven contractor that has the experience to help you. At Haisma Heating & Cooling Inc., we have ensured our technicians are trained in the latest trends in the industry, including geothermal heat pumps.

Common Problems Homeowners Have with Their Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps may be the next best thing for home comfort, but like all machines, they will need some professional attention every now and then. Some homeowners may not even realize that there is a problem with their unit until it completely breaks down.

As you can imagine, a broken heat pump is far more difficult to deal with than one with a small problem. Our passion lies in providing affordable comfort to our customers, which is why we want to help you keep your geothermal heat pump working efficiently all year-round.

Some common warning signs that you need to get your geothermal unit repaired include:

  • Geothermal units are silent by design, so if the unit is louder than usual a call may be necessary
  • The heat pump is failing to reach desired temperatures in your home
  • Your filters seem to be clogging up more frequently than usual
  • The unit won’t turn on at all
  • Your home is as humid as a sauna
  • There are signs of leakage near your indoor unit

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Haisma Heating & Cooling Inc. is here to help with your home comfort. Hopefully, we can prevent some frustrating, uncomfortable days.

For more information about geothermal repairs, contact our friendly support staff who will schedule an appointment with our awesome tech team.

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