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What These Furnace Noises Mean for Your System

It’s already starting to get cold here in Michigan, and it will only get colder as the winter months continue! Your furnace must be ready to go and keep working well throughout the next few months.

It’s our job to ensure our customers maintain excellent HVAC capabilities throughout the entire year. It is essential to spot problems before they escalate and require an extensive repair or a full-on replacement!

Today, we’ll explain one of the common ways you can tell if your furnace is struggling, which is by listening to the noises it makes!

What Does a Healthy Furnace Sound Like?

A furnace is a machine with plenty of moving parts. It should make a bit of noise when it’s on. It’s typical to hear a low-hum or even the occasional rattle.

If you hear something that deviates from that humming baseline, it might not be a problem if it only happens one time. A loud clang may just be something simple like your air ducts expanding or contracting.

Noises that Indicate a Problem

Some noises are signs that something is wrong with your furnace. Screeching or grinding noises indicate that you have a frayed fan belt or old bearings.

Loud rumbling or whistling sounds are potential signs that something is wrong with the combustion systems within your unit. This could be a result of a gas leak or an issue with the pilot light.

Overall, your furnace gives a lot of information out just from the noises it makes. With the right knowledge, you can spot problems before they worsen and save yourself a big headache in the long run.

If you need heating or furnace repairs or an installation this winter, the pros at Haisma would love to help. Simply fill out an online contact form or call us at (616) 319-2121 to schedule a service appointment!